As you may already be aware, Slack is the new giant in productivity and collaboration amongst creative teams – and for good reason. From its time saving prowess and seamless conference integration, to its ability to inject the fun into a team’s day-to-day office chat, Slack is quite a thing to behold – and is an essential component for every forward thinking business.

Slack’s unprecedented progression (growth that is rarely seen at such a rate) is all down to the loyal, ever increasing, online community who rave about its superior features to their colleagues, friends and clients – so what is all the fuss about?

Here at Pistachio we definitely make use of Slack’s primary time saving powers and video streaming possibilities – but we also really like to use Slack for…you guessed it….BANTER!

Slack is a major banter enabler! (soooo much banter banter-gift) The app’s easy to use team messaging platform enables the Pistachio crew to share jokes, images, gifs, videos, links (etc, etc) with such ease and efficiency that it really helps to provide a much-needed stress relief from the day to day toils that agency life can sometimes bring.

This functionality is especially important to us at Pistachio because we’re multi-location based. The Pistachio team is frequently split between our two offices in Marlow and Nottingham, so being able to use a reliable and multi-device tool such as Slack, enables the team to communicate seamlessly across offices and projects; constantly sharing ideas, files and updates throughout the day with little disruption or complications. This has a very powerful benefit to our agency and business and it is fundamental in keeping the positivity flowing across both sites, allowing us to build a successful and cohesive team.

So why else is Slack so great? Let the rest of the Pistachio team tell you their favourite things about it:

Emmy: “It allows me to annoy Chris without being in the same building – or city – as him”

Ella: “It stops you from disturbing other people in the office when you want to ask a question or share an idea.”

Chris: “I can set up separate group chats where I can talk about Emmy behind her back – without her knowledge.”

Paul: “Slack allows an ease of communication between our team in multi-locations through instant messaging, file transfer and video.”

Marie: “I like that Slack allows users to share screens and deliver presentations remotely, a massive help across both Pistachio offices.”

Rob: “No idea…it doesn’t work on my PC…!”

Charlotte: “It’s so useful that all content is searchable from one search box, it saves so much time!”

In all seriousness, If you’re a forward thinking business with multiple offices and you want to bring your team closer, get everyone involved in the fun, accelerate the creative process and unite all levels of staff from the CEO to the most junior exec, then get on Slack! We believe that people work more productively and creatively if they’re having fun and feeling involved – and that is exactly what Slack delivers.

To learn more about the work that our ‘Slack Happy’ team do here at Pistachio, take a look at some of our client case studies or get in touch today!