Nottingham LOVES Subway!

Ok so it’s been a slow news day but we couldn’t help but notice that famed sandwich haunt, and primary employer of Team GB athletes, Subway, is steadily taking over the fair city of Nottingham.

The view from our ivory tower, aka the Pistachio Nottingham office, appears to show a Subway store on every street corner for as far as the eye can see – is this a mirage? Are we delirious from the heat of the over-zealous office heater? Or is Nottingham really a hot bed of Subway sin drenched in ranch dressing and meatball marinara?

Look, we know that Subway is officially the UK’s largest high street fast-food chain and is incredibly popular with the seemingly ‘health conscious’ millennial crowd (interestingly 58% of 18-24 year olds who have a food chain loyalty card use a Subway one). But really Nottingham? Do you really need SO MANY Subways?

To quell our fears of a full out Italian herb and cheese foot-long invasion, we did a little digging to see exactly what impact Subway was having on the city and hereby present the (extremely ambiguous) evidence to you, in a handy, flawlessly designed, infographic.

Just what you always wanted, right? We know, we’re always one step ahead at Pistachio! 😉

subway infographic