Who doesn’t love summertime? Leaving the dreary British winter behind us, escaping from the drizzle of the springtime rain and finally emerging into glorious (if fleeting) sunshine. However, at Pistachio, there are mixed feelings when it comes to summer and the (now expected) heatwaves that come with it.

Paul (Pistachio top dog and scorching sun worshipper) is in his element when the sun is shining, for him it’s the hotter the better. Emmy (our Egyptian-Queen Graphic Designer) can’t wait to get back home to work remotely over the summer months, loving nothing better than returning to the welcoming scents and scenery of a country built around warmer climes and me…well I’m wishing I still had my convertible…

To try and make the most of the summer months here at Pistachio we have introduced Summer Fridays. That means, during July and August, we are shutting the office at 4pm on a Friday to help maximise the longer summer evenings, giving our team some well-earned down-time and much-needed family time. Because after all, life is for living right? Especially on a Friday.

That got me thinking, what does everyone do with that extra time on a sunny Friday afternoon? I know for me it’s locking up the home office and swiftly moving from work-mode to G&T mode, and if the sun does decide to make an appearance? Well, that calls for another gin! But just what do the rest of team Pistachio get up to when the clock strikes 4 on their weekend’s? Here’s what my Spidey senses are telling me…

Mr Paul – I have little doubt that as Friday COP approaches Paul immediately checks the temperature guage. If it’s 25 degrees or above the speedos come out, the oil goes on, and Paul set’s up shop in his pool with a pina colada…and his laptop floating nearby, naturally.

Chris – known for his English rose complexion, I’d hazard a guess and say that come 4pm, basking in direct sunlight is not top of our designer Chris’s priority list. By 4.01 the PlayStation is fired up, Fifa is on, and Chris’s weekend has begun. By 4.05 Stacey has pulled the power and handed over two mini-Gillen’s who are prepped and ready to rope Chris into some rather lively Pirate-themed performance art.

Rich – my guess for designer Rich is by 3.59pm he’s waxing his shiny new motorhome and planning another excursion around the English countryside – where he can ponder the meaning of life and ask peculiarly personal questions to innocent strangers.

Stacey – after ensuring Chris is in full pirate mode with the kids, Stacey probably uses her extra Friday time to ensure the family performance gets off to a flying start ¬¬ – with as few tears as possible (from Chris) – and makes sure each little star gets their own standing ovation.

Lee – it’s easy to guess what Customer Success Manager Lee will be up to come 4pm. He’s just had a baby. So, I think we can all agree he’ll have a lost all sense of space and time and will be patiently waiting for the reassuring sounds of a full, happy, sleepy new-born…

Charlotte – for Chazza it’s always 4 o’clock somewhere, so I’d estimate she’s probably on her 3rd beverage of the day by 4pm on a Friday, hiding from any ‘damaging’ UV rays and hurtling towards an end-of-day deadline. Somehow, these three elements seem to happily coexist.

Marie – me? Well like I said, with all this extra time on a Friday afternoon you’ll find me with a cool beverage, feet up, face pointing sun-ward, listening to my boys dissect another Marvel franchise, knowing that Dave is somewhere up there listening too.

Well, that’s our Friday afternoons in the sunshine sorted, what will you be doing with yours? Leave a comment on our socials to let us know!

And don’t panic, just because we’re shutting down a little early for the next few months, we’ll always still be on hand for emergencies. We just thought giving everyone an early start to the weekend was a fantastic, positive way to get through the middle of 2022. Plus, with great feedback from the team…it looks like it’s nearly time for another cocktail 😉