Retaining a committed team

I recently wrote about influencing morale in the workplace and the lengths I go to create an environment and culture at Pistachio that enables my team to feel excited about coming to work, having a drive and commitment whilst having fun along the way.

I recently saw an interesting article around employee retention and what the key drivers are to make employees stay with a business. It was an interesting read. Some key drivers were emotional and some functional.

This got me thinking about how employee retention is somewhat based around all the morale induced activities I have introduced – as I take on my second job role at my agency as ‘VP of Morale & Motivation’. But it doesn’t stop there. You then have all the functional elements added into the mix when looking at employee retention.

I then started to map out what all these factors were that kept employees happy. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m no designer – so, I sketched, scribbled and came up with a very bad drawing and then gave it to one of my fab creatives to bring it to life. Here is the result and what I feel are some of the key drivers for retaining a committed team.