Well, what a week of celebration it’s been at Pistachio so far, not only is it our 14 year anniversary, but it’s also been 6 whole years since we were blessed with the presence of a certain Mr Richard Eastwood.

So, in true Pistachio style, and as it is #WorldPoetryDay, we couldn’t let this day pass without fashioning a little heartfelt rhyme of gratitude, especially for Rich…

Has it really been six long years of Mr Eastwood’s high-level thinking?
Sometimes his crazy ideas have us believing that he might have been drinking!

But we’re kidding of course, because a real talent he truly is,
Smart and artistic, we think he’s surely the best in the biz!

If it’s cutting edge design that your brand really craves?
Then fear not at all, because with Rich you are saved!

So, thank you to Richard, what a valuable Pistachio we have!
Just maybe hold back on a few of the questions, there’s a good lad…

We’re very lucky to have such a dedicated and talented team at Pistachio and we’re delighted to have had Rich with us for some of our most exciting and transformative years. Thanks for all of your hard work Rich, we really couldn’t do it without you!

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