In the fast-paced, digital society that we all live in today, everywhere you look we are bombarded with emails, text messages, social media posts and of course so many other traditional types of advert that it’s hard to know where to look.

Everywhere you go, someone, somewhere is trying to sell you their business, and if you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you are trying to sell your business to them.

So, how can you be smart with your marketing and attract the right kind of people in the right kind of way? Well, clever marketers today know that prospects want to be entertained and not just bombarded with the basic facts and endless, obvious sales pitches.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide a huge distraction for web surfers who devour content at an alarming hourly rate. Endless photos, videos, memes and gifs scroll past their eyes a gazillion times a day, and are shared rapidly, thousands of times, amongst friends, family and colleagues at the simple click of a button. So, how do you grab and engage the attention of these digital junkies?

Well, one way is via animation.

That’s right, more and more businesses today are investing in animation as part of their marketing collateral to really grab consumers attention, and entertain and inspire them at the same time.

Animation has seen a real surge in the advertising space in recent years and that momentum only looks set to continue and grow. Companies are not only focusing on the cool visual impact of using animation, but also on developing cleaver scripts with strong messages – couple this with innovative graphics and strong brand recognition, and you’ve got the potential for an extremely captivating video that can go viral within hours.

Animated videos are in high demand in the current digital climate and YouTube have an enormous audience for animated adverts, so how can you utilise animation to better sell your business?

Well, here are a few basic tips to start from:

– Visual effects with great graphics and interesting animated characters will ignite the interest of your target audience .
– Keep your audience engaged by creating images that match your narrative in order to create a powerful story.
– Use animation to thank loyal ‘fans’ with a heartfelt, personalised message from an animated character can help to instil brand loyalty in the recipient.
– Pacing the timing of the animation is important, if it’s all one speed then the video can get tedious and repetitive to watch.

Think animation could work for you and your brand? Here at Pistachio we’ve helped many clients take their marketing to the next level by creating innovative and inspiring animation pieces to help engage their audience and generate interest in their brand.

Why not take a look at our show reel below and see what you think?

We work with a broad range of clients across the technology, education, construction and leisure sectors, and as we are based in Marlow and Nottingham, we are perfectly located to work with companies from all over the UK and beyond.

So, if you think that your brand could benefit from any of the innovative creative design, digital or strategic work we do here at Pistachio, then get in touch today!