Or more precisely…The Golden Opportunity aka The Unicorn

We are all, as agency owners, in search of the golden opportunity, also known as the ‘Unicorn’ of our industry.

Does the unicorn exist? Where does it live? Does it even exist? If so, are there many of them? And where can we find them??

During my now 14 year plus tenure of running my own agency, at Pistachio we have been lucky enough to complete thousands of projects for many wonderful clients throughout the years; many of which we have had the good fortune to work with for many, many years.

Over this time; the projects that have landed on my desk have been vary varied. They arrive in all shapes, sizes, budgets, time frames and disciplines, but one things for sure, the ‘unicorn’ (aka The golden opportunity) is very rare.

And when we do find the unicorn? Well, we do all we can to keep hold of it, because what a unicorn is, essentially, is that perfect blend of the model client, the dream project and the ideal budget that all come to an intersection and overlap each other.

So, if you didn’t know what any of the aforementioned elements actually looked like? Here’s a brief run-down.

Perfect Client: A client who has integrity and trusts the agency and designer to do the job they are hired for.

Perfect Project: A project that allows the agency and designer to be creative, fits your expertise and allows a timeframe reflective of the work required.

Perfect Price: A budget that is reflective of the time and skill-set required to deliver the requirement whilst allowing for a good profit margin.

I know, seems almost an impossible feat doesn’t it? But it does exist and the unicorn will look very different for us all in whatever creative service we provide, and will be unique to each and every business. But, if you are able to identify what that unicorn looks like for you, try to find one and keep it for as long as you can, for the benefit of the clients brand and the success of your agency.

When you do find this unicorn, and I have every faith that you will, do all that you can to capitalise on the opportunity. These opportunities may be rare, but they do exist, so good luck in your quest to find them, you won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading, if you’re inspired by the power of the unicorn then please get in touch with us today, we’d love to hear about your next project!