At Pistachio we’re here to help your business adapt to the unprecedented threat of Covid-19.

Ensure that your brand remains agile and functional in the in the coming weeks.


Welcome to our Survive and Thrive Digital Toolkit: Phase 2

In phase 1 we provided insights on how to prepare your immediate response to the Coronavirus threat and how digital assets could be utilised to improve digital workflows and engage virtual teams.

For phase 2 we’ll be exploring how you can utilise digital assets and communications to help captivate and inspire your customers, ensuring a continuity of service for your business that can survive and thrive, digitally.

Below, we’ve identified some of the digital assets and services that your business can utilise to communicate and captivate customers during this unchartered time.


For many businesses, having a cohesive and robust digital strategy in place isn’t something that has necessarily been a priority before. As part of our Survive and Thrive toolkit: Phase 2, we are offering the following Digital Strategy package to help give your brand the tools it needs to survive and thrive online:

1. SEO Health Check:

A review of your current website copy and SEO rankings with suggestions and revisions for improvement and effective optimisation.


2. PPC management:

We will identify and manage an appropriate PPC strategy and budget for your online paid advertising. Ensuring that this is as economical as possible for your offering and target audience.

3. Social Media launch package:

We will provide optimised and appropriate social media post content and creative imagery to communicate your updated services appropriately. Allowing you to engage with current customers and new prospects effectively and in real-time.


4. Blog marketing:

We can provide a number of blog / content packages that will score you immediate ‘easy SEO wins.’ Increasing your visibility to prospects and giving value to your customers online.

5. Custom web design and build:

Whatever web design or build support your business needs to ensure a usable and viable web presence, no matter how large or small, we’ve got you covered.


As part of the first wave of our Survive and Thrive toolkit, we are offering a suite of digital assets that can be custom made for you and your team.

Take a look at our examples of how infographics, animations and slide-deck presentations can be used to communicate information effectively with your remote workforce.

To discuss any of the services above or to chat in more detail about how you can look to engage your customers online throughout the current crisis, do not hesitate to contact us today