At Pistachio we’re here to help your business adapt to the unprecedented threat of Covid-19.


Welcome to our Survive and Thrive Digital Toolkit: Phase 3

In phases 1 and 2 we provided insights on how you to prepare your immediate response to the Coronavirus threat and identified digital assets and communications services that could be utilised to allow your business to adapt to a digital landscape.

For phase 3 we’ll be exploring how you can engage your customers digitally and encourage a thriving and robust online business.

Below, we’ve identified some of the key assets that we think your business can utilise to communicate, captivate and engage customers during this uncertain time.


For many businesses, having a cohesive and robust digital strategy in place isn’t something that has necessarily been a priority before. As part of our Survive and Thrive toolkit: Phase 3, we are offering the following Digital Strategy package to help give your brand the tools it needs to survive and thrive online:

1. Animated content

Video content is key to engaging an online audience. Whether it be used to explain a service, provide a ‘how-to’ guide or break down important information into a digestible format, by utilising animated videos across your digital channels and platforms, you can increase your audience engagement and reach immediately, thus raising the visibility of your business and instilling a sense of loyalty and recognition in your customers.


2. Dynamic Ebooks:

Ebooks are a fail-safe way of sharing useful information to customers and stakeholders in an effective way. This is a digital tool that is interactive, informative and expertly designed to take the user on an engaging journey that sells the benefits of your service and demonstrates the professionalism of dependability of your brand.

3. Web Tools:

There are so many web tools that brands can utilise to engage and entice customers to engage with their business online in an effective and rewarding way. A few examples include online questionnaires that help users to better understand their own requirements, calculator tools that help to estimate costs and materials required for a specific project and booking tools, which, well, do exactly what they say on the tin!

These tools can really help to enhance websites and campaign landing pages to engage users to interact with a web tool and gain valuable, useful content from it.


4. Managed Comms:

The way that you communicate with your customers, staff and stakeholders is of paramount importance, and now with a much larger proportion of your audience spending a lot of time online, your digital communications strategy is now essential to your survival.

Ensuring that you have a cohesive and managed strategy in place will work to boost your SEO, engage your customers in real time via social media, email and blog marketing, and will also keep lines of communication clear and effective between stakeholders, partners and staff.

As part of our Survive and Thrive toolkit, we are offering a suite of digital assets that can be custom made for you and your team.

Take a look at our examples of how infographics, animations and slide-deck presentations can be used to communicate information effectively with your remote workforce.

To discuss any of the services above or to chat in more detail about how you can look to engage your customers online throughout the current crisis, do not hesitate to contact us today