No, this is not an election focused blog, we’ll leave all that to the erm, ‘professionals’…

It was, however, a crisp, cool morning in September when the words that send an icy ripple through the Pistachio office were first mentioned…

“What are we doing for our Christmas campaign this year?”

Pandemonium ensued, for I refuse to discuss the “C” word before September. Even though we do embark on client’s festive campaign creative much earlier, usually we like to leave it as late as possible at Pistachio HQ before accepting that Santa is indeed on his way. However, this year I was brimming with Crimbo themed ideas, it looked like the Christmas Campaign Fairy had visited me early for once!

So, as is usual with the Pistachio team, we all huddled together and tossed around various creative thoughts and came up with what would be this year’s celebratory Christmas campaign.

Once we had the idea, the next thing to do was to research. We needed to make sure that the campaign was viable, economical and easy for our busy creative team to fit around our already very busy studio. This involved sourcing the gift, getting print prices, investigating packaging options and mailing costs and also putting together a realistic timeline – that as creatives, we would naturally all ignore!

Once the budget was agreed on then we set to work on the creative together, this of course is the fun part for us! The creative tends to work its way around the team so that everyone can give feedback on what they think works and what doesn’t.

Whilst this is all happening in house, we then needed to source and order the physical items we needed sand put together a client database i.e. the lucky recipients of our Christmassy gift! Once we had all these things, it was just a case of putting it all together and send it out!

So, this year are Causing a Stir with our Christmas Hot Chocolate Stirrers! We have sent out a personalised Christmas card to our nearest and dearest, inviting them to pick which flavour chocolate stirrer most tickles their tastes buds and then we send it out to them. And, we can confirm that they are very yummy as naturally we had to try some in the office – just to make sure they were all tasting fab of course.

Well, luckily for our readers we do have some left over though and we would love to offer a chocolate stirrer to the first 20 people to post a Christmas pic on social media tagging us and adding the hashtag #CauseAStir.

Just to get those taste-buds tingling, we have the following flavours for you to choose from, but be sure get in quick because the Rocky road and Salted Caramel is proving to be very popular!:

Dark Chocolate
Rocky Road
Milk Chocolate
Fudge and Mallows
Salted Caramel

This offer will be on a first come first served basis, so if we run out of flavours you will be offered a yummy alternative. You do need to be in the UK to give us enough time for postage, and it’s only 1 Stirrer per entry!

Merry Christmas from all at Pistachio, we hope you enjoy!