Yes, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The return of the satirical VDay blog. Bound to be the highlight of everyone’s Feb 2023, we’re going to take you on a whistle-stop tour of all the ways you can survive Valentine’s Day this year, especially if you’re stuck in an office with some over-zealous desk decorators…

Survival tip 1:

Turn the day of luurve into an excuse to get loose.

Is everyone in the office asking what your Valentine’s Day plans are? Coquettishly giggling into their oat milk latte while you awkwardly squirm in your seat and ask for lucifer to open up the hell mouth y beneath you and take you home? Have no fear. Take charge and stay in control of your romantic predispositions this VDay by organising a Valentine’s celebration all the team can enjoy. AKA a trip to the pub playas. Better still, make it a lunchtime trip so you can get through the second round of bouquet arrivals with slightly beer-tinted spectacles on.

Survival tip 2:

It’s all about self-care bebe.

While your colleagues may be worrying about pouring themselves into some cheap red nylon undies or sweating over which gas station roses look the most appealing, focus on what you’re going to do for YOU this Valentine’s. Whether that’s slathering on a face mask made from the tears of lovers past and gone, watching a violent revenge film, or simply cooking you and your fave person a nourishing indulgent treat. You do you and forget about what everyone else thinks you should be doing. Plus, you can sleep safe in the knowledge that any meals out will be charged with a hefty Cupid tax for one night only.

Survival tip 3:

Do something good.

If you’re feeling particularly Flo Nightingale this Valentine’s, you could consider helping those less fortunate than you by volunteering (I probably won’t, but you should) because nothing will zap the self-pity out of you faster than facing other people’s struggles. Plus, when the post-valentine’s bragging begins around the water cooler, you can smugly slide on in with a condescending anecdote about the local charity you gave some much-needed time and attention to. That way you’ll do good, feel good and help people to remember what love and kindness are really about. Tick, tick, tick.

Survival tip 4

Fake it till you make it.

If you’re feeling a bit low or bitter around Valentine’s, don’t show it. Why? Because people are judgy little beings and they’ll spot your weakness and exploit it. Often by trying to set you up on an ill-fated blind date or asking if they can write your Tinder profile for you. Instead, pretend that you are sweetness and light and spread Valentine’s good vibes wherever you go. You could even leave positive notes or small gifts for your colleagues. This will fill people with false hope and crippling anxiety about who their admirer could be, then you can kick back with strong coffee and watch the games begin.

Survival Tip 5

Embrace alternative celebrations.

Yes, the term Galentine’s might inspire the same vomit-inducing reaction that the big day itself invokes. But it needn’t be that way. Encourage any fellow anti-establishment comrades amongst you to seek out their own alternative way to celebrate the occasion. That way you’ll raise awareness for a noble cause and won’t be the single focal point for being the moody or ‘difficult’ one. Plus, it’s always nice to help everyone feel included and celebrated, regardless of relationship status. And that’s a fact.

All in all, and jokes aside, Valentine’s Day is still a nice excuse to do something different, kind and loving for those around you. So, try and put your most accommodating foot forward – no matter how much it pains you.

This is also true when it comes to your brand. Valentine’s, or any similarly popular mini holiday day, can prove to be a powerful tool in raising the profile of your product or service – as long as you get the tone right. For any help in planning your next campaign, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We’d love to help you nail it 😉