Happy Monday readers, here we are on dreaded Blue Monday, and an especially grey and drizzly Blue Monday at that. Yes, it’s true, we’re only half-way through the long slog that is January – the joyful memories of the Christmas period are fading and our bank accounts are looking less than healthy – but, do not fear, for here at Pistachio HQ we have some exciting news for you…we’re moving!

That’s right, after a blissful few years tucked away in the idyllic countryside of Cookham, being at one with nature and finding our inner-zen, we’re now spreading our wings and heading to the bright lights, and rapidly expanding creative hub of Marlow, by moving to a brand-new office!

Don’t worry, there won’t be any disruption to the wonderful services we provide here at Pistachio, as not only are we a strategically thinking, fantastically creative, design agency – we’re also efficient multi-taskers who cannot wait to move into our new home – that and a speedy move will no doubt call for a well-deserved Friday beer o’clock to celebrate!

So, while we gear up for the big move at the end of this month, we’ve done some digging to see what’s so special about Marlow and why we think it’s the perfect new home for our team…

French Connections –

It’s no secret that certain members of our Pistachio team are impartial to the odd vino (or two) so you can imagine our delight upon learning that Marlow is twinned with Marly-le-Roi on the river Seine in France, excellent news for the wine-quaffing, fromage eating team members amongst us – team bonding trip to the continent anyone…?

A Monstrous Creation–

A little lesser known fact about the town is that Mary Shelley prepared Frankenstein for publication whilst living in Albion House in the town centre. Quite a coup for Marlow and a good omen for the team here at Pistachio – as we’re sure to be creating some masterpieces of our own in the very same town!

Rowing Royalty –

Marlow Rowing Club was founded in 1871 and to this day is still one of the UK’s leading rowing clubs. Having produced many Olympic oarsmen, most notably the almighty Sir Steve Redgrave, it is the perfect setting for Pistachio to win big in 2018 😉

Food Glorious Food –

With an almost disproportionate amount of Michelin star restaurants located in and around the town, it’s fair to say that the Pistachio team will be spoilt for choice when choosing to indulge in some of the local culinary delights that can be found here – including offerings from famed chefs such as Tom Kerridge and good old Heston Blumenthal. This is perhaps not great news for the clean-lean eating we’ve all sworn to abide by for the looming Pistachio2Pistachio bike ride, but hey, we’ve got to get some cool looking snaps for the gram haven’t we?*

Creative, creative, creative –

One of the things that most excites us about moving Pistachio HQ to Marlow is the company we’ll be keeping upon our arrival. Over the last few years Marlow has seen a steady growth in the amount of creative industry specialists that have set up camp here, and we for one are delighted to be joining the vibrant creative hub that is establishing itself in the town.

Well there you have it folks, all the facts you ever wanted to know about the town of Marlow – we hope that this has provided some respite from your Blue Monday blues, and if it hasn’t, then take a look at some of our many other varied, droll and sometimes informative blog posts to help you through it. We’ll keep you posted on the move!

*the gram = for those of you who know what a library is, you probably won’t know what ‘the gram’ is, so let me explain, it’s an abbreviation for ‘Instagram’ which is a social media platform where people post photos of themselves pretending to have fun.