Well, it’s kicked off…EURO 24 is here, wahey! So, let’s fire up the BBQ (fingers crossed), crack open the beers and, erm kick some balls lads. But first things first, what can this summer’s football soiree teach us about scoring some ‘brand goals’ of our own?

Yes, amidst the football fever, the red face paint, inventive insults and the repetitive use of those three special words. Is football the only thing that’s coming home in 2024? Or can businesses bury a few in the back of the net too? Let’s dive (hey, less of that!) in and see what EURO 24 can teach us about winning when it comes to your brand.

Teamwork makes the dream work:

In football, as in branding, success is seldom achieved alone. There might always be a new wunderkind on the horizon, but just like the players of yesteryear know – you’re only one tabloid headline away from being a scapegoat when it all goes wrong. No Glenn Hoddle, we’re still not over what you did to our David ok. That’s why being a team player and nurturing a supportive ‘all in this together’ atmosphere is ALWAYS the winning formula.

And, just like a cohesive football team relies on each player to play their part, a successful branding strategy requires collaboration across various disciplines – from design and marketing to strategy and implementation. At Pistachio, we understand the importance of teamwork in achieving our brand goals, it’s how we’re able to deliver great work like this. So, to steal a phrase from Kipling (who I’m sure probably had zero interest in football) remember: the strength of the pack is the wolf, and strength of the wolf is the pack.

Strategy is key:

Every football team (allegedly) has a game plan. A strategic approach to outmanoeuvre opponents and secure victory. Not only do we hope that this message subliminally reaches Southgate in time, but in branding, a well-thought-out strategy also lays the foundation for success.

Whether it’s defining brand objectives, identifying target audiences, or crafting compelling messaging, a clear strategy sets the direction for effective brand communication. Question is, have you spent enough time testing yours? For some further insight, you can find a few useful resources on our Ramblings page.

Keep your brand match fit:

In football, teams must adapt to changing conditions on the pitch – switching tactics, making substitutions, and capitalising on opportunities as they arise. This means staying agile, healthy and – dare we say it – on the ball. After all, we know how big of an impact a strained Achilles tendon or a fractured toe can have on a winning streak.

In branding, the ability to adapt to evolving market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes is crucial. Flexibility and agility allow brands to stay ahead of the game and remain relevant in the eyes of their audience. If you rest on your laurels and don’t prioritise growth, then a fitter opponent will take your place. It’s that simple.

Consistency, consistency, consistency:

Consistency is the hallmark of champions, or so we’ve heard. The same applies in branding, just check out our agency’s guiding mantra. A successful football team strives for consistent performance across all matches. Therefore, it makes sense that successful brands need to do the same.

By maintaining a cohesive identity and messaging across various touchpoints. Whether it’s through visual branding, tone of voice, or customer experience, consistency builds trust and loyalty among audiences – it also, and we hate to keep beating our own drum here – ensures you stay consistently individual. Just like us.

Celebrate your victories:

No, that doesn’t mean taking your shirt off and lassoing it around your head in the Monday morning meeting. Seriously, please do not do that. But, just like football fans love to celebrate each goal and victory, it’s essential to celebrate milestones and successes in your business too.

Whether it’s launching a successful campaign, achieving a significant milestone, or receiving positive feedback from clients, taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate achievement boosts team morale and fosters a culture of success. It also gives you something to talk about with your clients, customers and prospects. By giving praise where it’s due you’re honouring and respecting the work that’s gone into something. This kind of celebration is infectious, and ultimately, very powerful.

Are you on course for a win?

As we sit through the ooohs, ahhhh, #%$’s and tears, let’s also take inspiration from the beautiful game and apply some of its timeless lessons to our branding endeavours.

With teamwork, strategy, adaptability, consistency, and celebration, you can score big wins for you brand and perhaps sneak in a few last-minute blinders a long on the way too. After all, the competition can aways do with a little reminder of who’s boss 😉

If you need a little pep talk before your next big move, or some experienced coaches supporting your star players, why not drop us a line? We’re always here to help you get it across the line.

Oh, one last question – it’s coming home, right?