Animation is pretty cool right? It brings characters to life, makes gaming ever more realistic, and it’s fast becoming the alternate reality in which many are opting to socialise, shop and do business in.

But, what is the value of animation when it comes to marketing your brand?

Well, as it turns out, there’s a lot to be gained.

Animation is a versatile medium that can offer a much lower cost option to traditional advertising avenues but with maximum creativity and audience engagement. For example, live action videos require a cast, crew, script, set, editing (and much more) whereas an effective animation can be created with just an animator and voice actor. What’s more, the possibilities for what you can include are quite literally, endless.

Here at Pistachio, we’ve produced our fair share of animations for an array of different brands, across multiple industries, so it’s safe to say we know what impact a good one can have on a business’s reputation.

Here are a few key things our team have noticed when it comes to including animation within a marketing strategy…

• It’s fun to watch, so naturally it creates a higher viewer engagement than traditional adverts.
• Humour comes as standard. Animation lends itself to comedic aspects, making it easier to keep the viewer entertained and invested.
• Creativity is limitless. The only obstacle to your creativity with animation is your imagination – you don’t have to stick to what is realistic in the non-animated world.
• It’s concise. Animation can quickly capture the essence of your brand and succinctly express your intended message about a product or service in a much shorter time-frame than a traditional video can.

When it comes to advertising, an animated advert can summarize your entire campaign in a brief visual that includes sound, text and creative. This empowers brands to get their concept across before the scroll-addicted viewer moves on. In addition, animation can help businesses to transcend demographics and tap into new audiences. Characters can be created free of traditional constraints and within worlds far removed from our everyday lives, allowing for a more inclusive communication that can reach new and wider audiences.

Need to train your staff? No problem, animation has you covered. Complex information can be produced, shared, and easily updated without the need for spiralling costs and tedious production days. You can even animate an infographic to share information with stakeholders and investors. Anything’s better than a 47 page PPT though right?

What’s more, animated adverts work on any platform, whether it’s TV, social media or your website, the shareability and cost-value of an animated ad far outstrips its traditional counterpart. Plus, with the ability to demo your product without actually having it available means businesses can pre-sell products and save money on production costs too. You can even have an animated character as your company spokesperson, taking the heat off a real-life figure head and avoiding the inevitable clash of egos or office politics.

Studies this year alone have shown more than a 40% increase in the use of animation in advertising, proving the point that when it comes to advertising your business, animation works. Google have even cottoned on, ranking sites that utilise informative animated content higher and with a better quality score.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop us a line today to see how a little animation can help your brand go a long way…