Why is teamwork important? Well, let me tell you…over the years here at Pistachio we have strived to build the foundations of our business on having a great team. We employ the most talented individuals in design, digital and strategy, who all bring a great energy to the office and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Pistachio’s ethos is; ‘Together anything is possible’ – and we firmly believe that it is.

Firstly, to make a great team, you need to find the right people – people who have the right skills, the right personality and the right energy to fit your business and brand. I’m sure that many of us have had plenty of experience of building our own ‘dream team’ of exceptional employees who, once you’ve found them, will help to develop and drive your business forward.

It is one thing however to create a great team, but quite another to create teamwork.

Teamwork is the fuel that makes the team ‘work’, it’s the magic ingredient that promotes strength, unity, reliability and support. Your team simply won’t work unless it works together.

So how do you ensure that your dream team is in fact a ‘team’? Well, you will not manufacture teamwork by going on some kind of forced ‘bonding experience’ a couple of times a year, that’s for sure. Building a team that supports and relies on each member is something that needs to be created and instilled every single day at work.

Of course, there is more than one way to skin a cat, but here in the centre of Marlow at Pistachio HQ, these are the key teambuilding principles that we try to stick to:

1. Kick off the week with a catch up – This is so that everyone is aware of every project that’s in motion, but it is also a chance to check in on the wellbeing, energy and morale of the staff on a weekly basis.

2. Have team socials outside of the office to enhance relationship building – eat, drink and be merry, do anything but talk about work!

3. Be open with your team – We have a relaxed and inclusive environment in the office, this creates a collaborative working environment and encourages team members to talk to and support each other.

4. Celebrate team success publicly and share triumphs – We are one big happy design-agency family in the office and it’s important to flag up when individuals, or the business, has achieved something to be celebrated.

5. Get the team branded up! – We like to implement a love for the Pistachio brand amongst our team, so we always make sure there is plenty of branded swag for the team to use, create and enjoy.

So why is teamwork important for your business?

-It promotes unity in the working environment
-It offers differing perspectives and diversity of thought
-Improves efficiency and productivity
-Provides a culture of learning
-Promotes synergy in the workplace

Being unable to work effectively as a team in your business can impede on the successes of developing and implementing new and innovative ideas. It reduces the ability to problem solve, reduces the likelihood of achieving your businesses goals and therefore limits the efficiency and effectiveness of growing a prosperous business.

The synergy of individuals is a powerful tool, get it right and you have a strong foundation for a successful business.

Don’t believe us? See what dream work our teamwork produces by checking out some of our recent design, digital and strategic projects here.