We know it’s tempting to be your own graphic designer. Especially in the current climate. With most of us now indefinitely working from home and economic uncertainties looming, the twitchy desire to develop a new skill and bring everything tightly in house can seem very appealing.

However, before you settle into your back-busting home office chair, flip open your computer and begin aimlessly pointing and clicking, we feel it is our due diligence to calmly remind you that when it comes to your business logo, it really is best to leave it to the professionals.

So, to help really drive the message home, here are five reasons why you should still very much employ the services of a professional designer to help create your logo…

A professional logo needs a professional touch – who knows your business better than you do, right? Therefore, who better than you to design the one thing that really helps to make your business recognisable? Wrong. You might know your business, but you most probably do not know design. And, unless you have a member of your team who is an experienced and professional graphic designer – backed up with sound marketing development – it’s likely that creating a design that is sleek, professional and appropriate for all of your business, marketing and sales needs, is pretty unlikely.

A good logo should convey your company values – at first glance your logo should easily convey your company values and effortlessly embody the essence of your business. Achieving this is something that an expertly trained logo designer is adept at doing, ensuring that your brand and vision is protected and complimented within the intricate details needed to produce something that on the surface appears simple and streamlined. Much like how a designer wouldn’t dream of leading a sales pitch meeting in front of your biggest client, a design novice will struggle to deliver the creative gravitas that a successful business logo needs.

Using the right colours and fonts is essential – colour and typography are the cornerstones of your logo. They are the first thing that prospects notice and they will lead the creative on your business cards, letterheads, presentations and marketing materials. Therefore, you want to make sure they are carefully thought out. It is always seemingly minute elements like this that trip people up in the long run when they attempt to cut corners with their logo design. If you want to show that your company is to be taken seriously then make sure you take your logo design equally as seriously.

Don’t risk losing potential customers – if you look messy, you’ll attract messy – and no one wants to risk losing loyal and invested customers. If you appear to be careless with your branding, then what’s to stop potential customers from assuming that you’re careless with your products, services and promises?

Ensure your logo is unique – in a world where we’re always connected and content is never-ending, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. A good designer will not be a mind-reader but they will be skilled at interpreting your ideas and turning them into tangible visuals that strengthen a brand’s identity. A logo should be synonymous with your business ethos and be instantly recognisable by your clients, customers and stakeholders. A generic carbon copy, haphazardly created online risks looking cheap and unprofessional, or even worse, generates no attention at all.

All in all, taking on a ‘make do and mend’ attitude towards your company logo might seem like an economically viable option but in reality it can do serious damage to your business growth and credibility in the long-run. To ensure the value of your brand, no matter the climate, make sure you enlist the help of those who can truly help to bring your ideas to life.

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