Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in self-imposed exile on a remote desert island (if only, right?) Then you’ll know that the World Cup 2018 has well and truly started.

We know that football isn’t for everyone, and we know that there are also many of you who have seen so many years of heartbreak at the hands of an uninspiring national team that you’ve just given up all hope of that golden trophy ever making its way home.

Well, a record breaking 6-1 aside…we cannot guarantee that this tournament will be any different from the last…but what we do know, is that any major sporting event can cause distractions and disruptions amongst employees as the games roll on.

Understandably, many employees are keen to watch matches, some may even book time off or organise social gatherings around them to enjoy the momentum of the event. So, it’s easy to see how employers can find these major sporting events somewhat of a distraction to staff. However, there are also lots of positives that can come out of encouraging your staff to be engaged in these big events, including raising team spirit, boosting job satisfaction levels and increasing team morale.

So, whilst the World Cup reaches fever pitch over the next few weeks, here are a few office goals that you might want to consider:

Show games in the office:

If you’d rather avoid the office being empty the minute kick-off happens during an important game, then why not show matches in a conference room, or on a screen in a shared, communal area.

By allowing employees to watch games together, it can greatly help to build stronger relationships between team members, particularly those who work in different departments and therefore might not spend much time together on a normal day-to-day basis.

By keeping the screen in a designated area you can ensure that those who aren’t interested will not be distracted, plus anyone who is on a deadline can still get their head down without the furore of the match surrounding them.

Get sporty at work:

Embrace the sentiment of the world cup by bringing sport into the office, whether this means getting really physical with your own five-a-side tournament, or taking part in an office sweepstake. A bit of healthy office competition is a great way to boost team spirit and get everyone involved in the tournament – whether they’re an avid football fan or not, it’s hard not to get emotional during a nail-biting knock-out game when you’ve got £50 on Mexico bringing home the bacon.

Embracing the World Cup means that you’re tapping into all of the energy and enthusiasm that goes in to such a momentous, global event. Plus, by organising a sweepstake or including some kind of prize, it’s a great way to reward staff for their hard work and remind them that they are valued.

Offer flexi-time:

Luckily, with the World Cup being in Russia this year, most kick-off times have been pretty respectful to UK working hours. However, if a game does start a little earlier in the afternoon, why not give employees some leeway in their set hours whilst the tournament is on?

As long as you are clear about the hours they are expected to work, and come up with a plan that ensures that your high standards of customer service don’t suffer, offering flexibility for important games shows your team that you trust them, which can lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction – you never know, you might even get an invite to the pre-match BBQ as well…

Now that your team is happy and ready to cheer on their World Cup favourites, maybe it’s time to think about a new marketing campaign, brand re-fresh or website update? Or maybe you’re thinking about tapping into World Cup fever by launching your own football inspired product, article, blog post or social media campaign?

If so, we’re here to help, so chat to us today at either one of our Marlow or Nottingham based offices and let’s make it happen!