Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, merriment and, well drinking and eating a lot. But for many brands, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year.

Why? Because usually, businesses go BIG for Christmas. From September onwards expect to be overwhelmed with festive decorations, products, messages and promotional emails that are duty-bound to fill consumers with angst and anticipation for what’s to come. Which is mainly all the things you need to buy and plan for. Oh, what joy indeed.

But all sarcasm aside, if you’ve not got your Christmas hat on when it comes to a seasonal marketing campaign then your business is likely to get outshone by the competition. So, here are a few tips we’ve picked up over the years to help you put together a Christmas campaign that helps to get the job done…

1. Get your decs up
No, we don’t mean the light-up Santa on your Nan’s roof. We mean your marketing collateral. When it comes to Xmas time, the quickest and easiest win in getting your brand noticed is updating your assets with a little festive sparkle. Whether this means creating a Christmas gift guide that showcases your products or updating your social media and website branding to include something suitably festive (i.e., a well placed Santa hat, snowball or Christmas tree) it really does help to sprinkle a little festive cheer on it. Not only will it draw attention to your business, but it just might entice new customers to check you out for timely offers and services.

2. Spread a little (social) joy
Right now, as we speak, retailer heavyweights are choosing to launch their Xmas ads on social media over TV. Why? The power of sharing. Social media’s role in Christmas marketing continues to grow, with brands not only premiering adverts on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter first, but they’re also utilising these channels to generate real-time interaction with users who unwittingly become brand ambassadors every time they share that content. Just take a look at Aldi’s protagonist Kevin the Carrot who’s now a bona fide Twitterati in his own animated right. If you produce something that people can share, you’re potentially getting an extremely cost-effective way of raising your brand’s visibility online with relatively little output. So, get a social media strategy in place, back it up with engaging content, and let the Xmas gags fall where they may…

3. Believe in miracles
Christmas is the season to give, right? So why not make your customers feel extra special by creating a campaign that actually does give them something. Whether it’s a voucher, discount code, competition, or freebie, sending customers a seasonal offer that gifts them something of actual value can go a long way in spreading a little joy, and loyalty, this yuletide. Plus, something as simple as an email campaign can be easy to create when you’re short on time and resources and provides an untold amount of ways to personalise, target and track your customers habits.

4. Pull on the heartstrings
Telling a heart-warming story is never better placed than during a Christmas campaign. Just look at the ads being churned out by the usual suspects. This is because the festive period is an emotive time for all, good and bad. Therefore, businesses that know how to utilise this and engage with audiences on a personal level have a much better chance of igniting customer interest and inspiring ongoing loyalty. A touching Xmas message can be conveyed on an advert, an email, animation, video, or direct mail (and the list goes on). As long as you have your content and creative right, you can produce special and memorable marketing that will ensure your business is remembered. And, it’ll help create plenty of conversation between your audiences online too.

5. Support local
Christmas is the ideal time to give back, especially in the wake of the last 18 months. Local businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and now more than ever is an essential time to show love for those that need it. Lending your support to local or smaller businesses, charities, or initiatives as part of your Xmas campaign can be a great way to lift people’s spirits and send out a much-needed message of positivity. It’ll also help you reach new audiences and generate a positive brand image in the long run.

Can we help?

It might be nearing ever closer towards December but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to give your customers something special this Christmas. If you’d like any help with how to reach out and engage with customers during the festive period this year, simply get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!