Happy International Women’s Day!

A day that is picking up more and more traction in the UK in recent years, and rightly so – any day that celebrates what it means to be a woman living in the modern world is ok by us.

So, to join in the frivolities of this wonderful day we’ve asked our female staff members across our offices in Marlow and Nottingham to explain what it means to them to be a woman in 2018…

Emmy, Graphic Designer

“I am a mother, a wife and a working woman – so for me, being a woman can be very tiring! Would I change a thing though? Of course not! Being a woman is a blessing and I love it, our strength as women is in how much we can take on and achieve without complaint. Happy International Women’s Day to all my friends, family and colleagues!”

Marie, Director

“Being a woman, for me, means often being filled with feelings of guilt. Mummy guilt, work guilt and wife guilt. So, I try and tackle each issue as it comes and not focus on everything at once to avoid feeling overwhelmed – and like most women, I just get it done!! I’m also very lucky to have some awesome women (and men of course) on my team at Pistachio!”

Ella, Account Manager

“Being a woman in 2018 is about not being pressured by society to conform to someone else’s idea of what ‘normality’ is… it’s ok to swim in the opposite direction to the masses and do whatever the hell you like with your life. Girls you don’t need a man / marriage / kids to define your life – girl power and all that! ;)”

Charlotte, Communications Manager

“As I draw ever closer toward my 30th year on this earth, being a woman in 2018 to me means being comfortable in your own skin and not sweating the small stuff. Your journey is your journey, so don’t measure it against anyone else’s. As long as you are happy and kind, you’re probably doing alright!”

And in the name of equality – we’ve even asked that much under-represented demographic of, what are they again? Oh, yes Men! We’ve asked our male employees to tell us why they appreciate the women in their lives…

Paul, Director

“I’m surrounded by great women in my life; from my fantastic wife, who is mother to our daughters and is my backbone, through to my business partner Marie who is my left arm – plus the wonderful ladies in the Pistachio team who work so hard, do a great job and put us men in our place – when it is needed!”

Chris, Designer

“Having had a little lady of my own recently, all I can hope for is that she grows up to be as smart, strong, determined and kind as the other women in my life – If she takes after her mum she certainly will be!”

Rich, Designer

“An important tip for every man on International Women’s day is… to be quiet!”

*very wise Rich, very wise indeed.

So, wherever you might be in the world, and however you might be marking International Women’s Day – remember to celebrate all of the wonderful women in your life, because they deserve it!

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