It seems like we’ve been here before doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s because we never really left. Either way, this level of the Matrix doesn’t really seem that fun. Ah well, at least we have an inconsequential US Presidential election result to deal with….(lol?).

Ok, that’s enough lamenting for one day. Yes, lockdown numero deux is upon us – and yes, it’s scary and worrying and very, very stressful for many businesses, families and friends – but, together we can get through it. And that’s where we can help.

Throughout the year we’ve been busy creating lots of awesome tips, advice and resources for you in order to help you navigate a very chaotic and uncertain 2020. And, we thought now was the perfect time to offer out our Pistachio shaped olive branch once again and remind you of all the positive ways you can manoeuvre through the next few weeks.

For businesses large and small, this year has caused many to re-evaluate the way they operate. Whether that’s by accelerating your digital transformation to enable staff to work from home more effectively, or by taking your whole service offering – and thus promotion of your business – solely online, things have changed. That’s why we’re here to remind you that we can help your business to communicate this transition, reach out to your customers and attract new ones, no matter which stage of the journey you’re currently at.

Why not take a look at our Survive and Thrive digital toolkit here to see how we can help your business to flourish online? Plus, we’ve even created three handy blogs to take you through each stage of the digital marketing process in a covid-19 landscape:

Business Critical
Business Adapt
Business Agility

We know it’s not just about business survival either. Having to work remotely during an enforced lockdown, especially during wintertime, isn’t ideal for maintaining buoyant mental health. Therefore, don’t forget to check out our working from home tips and our giggle-inducing WFH official lingo guide to help keep your spirits up at the dining-room-office-table.

Let’s not also forget that we’ll all need to brush up on our Zoom etiquette skills if we’re to survive another 4 weeks of virtual meetings that could have just been an email. Plus, our handy guide on how to say thank you properly in your emails is also a game-changer when it comes to keeping working relationships alive across written comms.

And, when it all starts to get too much, and the anxiety and uncertainty of when normal life will resume starts to set in, we’ve also got a few resources to keep you motivated, and entertained, including:

The polite way to say no
The new normal
Covid Comms: Do’s and Don’ts

We hope that’s enough to keep you going over the next month, or to at least remind you that you are not alone in feeling the strain of lockdown in a post-Covid-19 Britain. To discuss any of the topics mentioned above, or to simply chat through your plans for keeping your business on track, simply get in touch today, we’d love to you hear from you.

Plus, be sure to check in for many more tips, advice and guides in the weeks to come.